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What are Slim Goodies?

  • Slim Goodies are chic ballet flats that roll to fit a trendy fashion fun clutch suited to carry all of your essentials. The shoe has a vinyl design as well as rubber soles to protect your feet.


How do Slim Goodies Work?

  • On your way out: roll your Slim Goodies, grab all of your essentials (ID, cellular phone, credit cards, cash, etc) place them into your clutch, zip it and you are ready to go. Before your sexy stilettos get the best of you: take your shoes out of your clutch and slip them on, remove the inside of your clutch and unfold it to form a tote bag, then place all of your belongings in your tote.


When should I wear my Slim Goodies?

  • You can wear them whenever you like. They are complementary to any outfit so you can wear them on your way to work, coming home from a party, at a special event like prom or a wedding reception, etc.


How often can I wear them?

  • Slim Goodies can be worn as often as you like as a supplemental shoe choice to ease the pain of wearing high heels or other shoes that have reached their time limit with your feet.  Please keep in mind they are not like gym shoes or other regular shoes and will wear out sooner if worn as an your main shoe choice.


What if I need to return or exchange my purchase?

  • Please contact customer service immediately if you need to either exchange or return your purchase. Returns and exchanges will be made promptly for unworn or defective merchandise within the first 7days of purchase. It is the responsibility of the customer to inspect the order upon receipt.


How long will it take to get my Sole Discretion order?

  • Standard shipping is generally 7-14 days.  In rare cases, your order can take up to 21 days.    

         (Customer will be notified via email if the order will take longer than 7-14 days to ship.)


What if I want to make an order of more than 15 items?

  • If you would like to make a group order of more than 15 items please contact customer service first.  Quantities higher than 15 must be confirmed with the customer by Sole Discretion.


How do I determine my size?

  • Simple, Slim Goodies come in Small, Medium and Large. Take a look at the size chart below.

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