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About Us

Little did these Ohio girls know, life in the city wasn’t all fun and fashion, glitz and glam. It’s also walking four or so blocks to the subway to go to and from work. It’s catching the bus with a reusable, environmentally friendly shopping bag. It’s trendsetting in your hottest outfit and killer shoes amongst other fashionistas participating in New York City night life. These ladies spent more than two years going out, running routine errands and traveling around the city with aching heels and swollen feet. During the winter of 2009, the three bright entrepreneurial spirits realized that in matters of the sole, every woman needs the ability to have instant relief at her fingertips and that following summer Sole Discretion LLC was born.


Knowing that there had to be a way to be trendy, yet feel relaxed the fashionistas came together to launch a shoe line that allows women to wear exactly what they want when they want. Hence, the compact flat that allows women to be discreet and comfortable. Rather than lugging around an extra pair of bulky shoes, Sole Discretion’s flats are designed with a woman’s delicate sole in mind.


New York City proved to be the ultimate balancing act when choosing to either wear heels or flats and in most cases wear one and pack the other. However, no matter the city you’re in, whether you’re an ultimate partygoer in Las Vegas, a professional in downtown Cleveland needing to run out and get lunch or coffee, or just an avid errand runner in Chicago who wants to look fabulous, the need to be comfortable and discreet is all over the country.



No more stressing because you have to carry a work and sneaker bag.

No more tiresome planning for long walks from the train to your event.

No more driving home with an aching foot to the pedal.

No more being faced with painful ultimatums and few solutions.


With Sole Discretion, there are always options.

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June 2008:

Sheree sold her trusty Dodge Neon, made her way to the big city, and pursued her dream of working in TV.

August 2008:

Sherrae journeyed to NYC with a cramped UHaul but a clear focus on grad school and all of the excitement the concrete jungle was sure to bring.

January 2009:

Alyxaundria came to New York with two suitcases, $500, a dream...and a course schedule for graduate studies. (You know, in case things didn't work out.)

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